Metro Transit
Marquette Plaza is exceptionally centered in a “transit-oriented” location with direct access to light rail transit. This system offers service to 17 stations connecting downtown to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airports and the famed Mall of America.

Metro Transit is the public transit system that serves the Central Business District (CBD). Marquette Plaza is conveniently located on the bus line which includes two bus shelters and on-time electronic schedule monitors. There is also direct access to the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit line that runs down 5th Street through downtown and currently has 19 connecting stops. Most of the line runs at surface level, although parts of the line run on elevated tracks and approximately two miles of the line runs underground. The Northstar Commuter Rail connects downtown to the northern suburbs, the Blue Line connects downtown Minneapolis and the Green Line connects downtown Minneapolis with the University of Minnesota and Downtown St. Paul.

For additional information on all commuter options please view the Commuter Resource List provided by the Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization.